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The Project


I grew up in a Teramo farm. I am a wife, mother of a teenage boy and I am committed to social work. My work and life experience has taught me that among the gifts the most precious is Time.

The role of A W L is to facilitate the knowledge and purchase of high quality food and wine products that can convey the authenticity and excellence of the Abruzzo region.

My job, or rather my passion, is to constantly select and monitor the best producers of typical foods, favouring those who have developed skills in eco-sustainable, organic and ethical projects. Your... is not a job!

A W L is a showcase that allows you to choose and order your favorite products. You choose with a click, I'm there.

My name is Leondina, Dina for my friends

Abruzzo With Love is the son of Abruzzo, a land capable of combining tradition and typicality with innovation and research and a strong and friendly territory with a geography that does not know any borders.

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